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Digitalization in Football

Digitalization in Football


The digital age is here to stay, and the evolution is literally breathtaking…
Have you ever thought how extensively digitalization is already found in the football business?

Digitalization offers flexibility, drives further innovation, is mobile, 24/7, and enhances the user experience. Basically limitless!
Fans all over the world are actually already using digital tools and platforms to follow their teams, favorite players, and latest news in football, whether it’s locally, nationally or even globally.

Some of the most common examples, are:

 Booking tickets
  Online shopping from official team boutiques
  Football clubs’ websites
  Social media interaction and accounts’ following (TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are some of the most used platforms for fans to follow clubs accounts, post, share and comment)
  Apps for voting in polls and interacting with teams
  Apps for football news around the globe and live scores
  Online sports and gaming platforms: It even expands to teams participating, expanding their reach to their fans through multiple channels. Such online or gaming platforms, offer the possibility to fans to pick and play under the name of their favorite team and individually choose players they prefer as part of their virtual team.

The road to a truly upgraded fan experience in stadium

The most amazing experiences can be offered through in-stadium digitalization possibilities.
In many stadiums already, fans can experience high-level interaction on match days. The applications? …Limitless, and here’s only a few examples.

  Wi-Fi connectivity, available at high speeds for the fans, enabling them to stay online during the game, sharing content, commenting, and staying updated and connected with the stadium apps
  Ordering food & drinks directly from their seat, paying online and having them delivered directly to them within minutes
  Real-time updates and access to exclusive match content through the team’s mobile App
  Video Boards: Large LED video boards are placed strategically throughout the stadium to provide fans with an up-close view of the action, instant replays, and engaging content during breaks in play
  Interactive maps and/or virtual tours of the stadium
  Interaction and actual engagement with the fans, through real-time polls, games, or live challenges that keep the crowd heavily involved and engaged throughout the game time
  Stadium Security: Advanced security technologies, such as facial recognition and video surveillance systems, are implemented to ensure the safety of attendees and players

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