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Generation Z & Football

  Generation Z, often referred to as Gen Z or Zoomers, includes individuals born roughly between 1997 and 2012, meaning the people aged between 12 and 26 years old. As in most of the social....

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Digitalization in Football

  The digital age is here to stay, and the evolution is literally breathtaking... Have you ever thought how extensively digitalization is already found in the football business? Digitaliza....

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How has the world of football evolved?

Often referred to as the “traditional sport”, the sport that “unites people” or even the sport to “split neighborhoods” for some more...”passionate” fans. However you choose to name it....

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Football as a Business

Football is known by the fans as a game, but that's not all. Football in our era can also be a very good and profitable business. Of course, the game comes first and foremost, but we have to recog....

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