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About Us

Who we are

Loyalty Fans is a Football Business Consultancy offering high-end services to football clubs, associations, federations, or any football-related company and individual.

With a clear and sharp view to continuous development and progress.
Our aim is to best guide our clients to reach their potential in full, fulfilling their most wild goals, while identifying malfunctions and cutting barriers to the road for their utmost success.

Our client’s portfolio ranges from Football Clubs, Football Federations, to individual Football Players.


Core competencies:

  Business development
Expanding reach and recognition in new target groups, countries, and even continents, with strategic actions. As much as we value expansion and sales development, we focus greatly to high retention rates and continued fans satisfaction.

  Financial advisory & planning
Professional services for managing finances, achieving financial goals, and making informed financial decisions.
We work together to create comprehensive financial plans that outline your short-, mid- and long-term goals.
A great focus of our financial services is the identification of any non-effective financial decisions or past decisions that turned into pure liabilities. We are here not only to plan forward, but to make present as profitable as it can be.

  Fan engagement
One of the most important wins in our field, is a true, 100% engagement with fans. Even if you are a club, a federation, or an individual player, interaction and engagement with fans -with the people who can drive the brand forward is of utmost importance. Creating meaningful connections, enhance their experiences, and build a loyal and passionate fan base.

  Stadium Operations
Effective stadium operations involves the end-to-end management of various activities that ensure a smooth functioning of the venue before, during, and after match days. However, for us, the stadium’s potential extends why further than this scope, solely.
What if you could use and utilize your venue on non-match games for further profits and brand recognition?

  Resources Management
If you are a club, organization or federation, then you know already the importance of strategic planning, allocation, and optimization of your various resources in order to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. Resources can vary from financial assets, human capital, physical infrastructure and capex, to technology and time. Our goal for the most effective resources management, is to plan accordingly and ensure that those resources are utilized in the best possible way to maximize productivity, interaction and achieve desired outcomes.

  Marketing & Social Media
Social Media (SoMe) is the today’s world golden ticket. If you manage to work efficiently and create impact through your SoMe platforms and interaction, then the success is somewhat “guaranteed”. Through successful SoMe management, you can create brand awareness, fans and audience stay connected and interact with you. Content sharing, customer engagement, promotions and campaigns, audience targeting and storytelling are some of the engagement examples.


Let us manage your financials, and economic sources reaching a balanced and healthy financial status, join us in expanding your business and reach to new countries and continents, trust us in bringing your company to new highs, and lift you up from whatever might be bringing your company, or your career, down!

Our Vision

Live as if you will die tomorrow but learn as if you will live forever
Mahatma Gandhi quotation

Our vision is to be the leader in football consulting. The first company to think for, when looking for professional and reliable guidance, whether in financials, fan engagement, operational management, stadium operations, business development and expansion in new markets.